Cres Losinj Arhipelago include islands Cres,Lošinj,Unije,Susak,Ilovik,Male Srakane, Vele Srakane and islets Galiola,Zeča,Zaglav,Trstenik Veli, Mali Trstenik,Orjule Vele i Orjule Male.


Cres, Losinj, Unije, Susak, Ilovik... beauty of nature

Detail of Cres

Island Cres

Island Cres, the largest Adriatic island, is located in the northern part of the Kvarner Bay and can be reached via ferry from the island Krk [ferry line Valbiska-Merag], from the Istrian peninsula [ferry line Brestova-Porozina] or with catamaran from Rijeka. In the south, in Osor connected with drawbridge to the island of Losinj. Cres is mountainous island 66 km long and wide by 2-12 km. An indented coastline... [read more about island Cres]
Losinj from plane

Island Losinj

Island Losinj, a part of Cres-Losinj island group, is the 11th largest Adriatic island with 112.7 km coastline which abounds attractive bays and coves, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. With around 2600 hours of sunshine a year, the island has become a popular destination for tourists in the summer months. Losinj is a developed tourist center with a long tradition of private and hotel accommodation. Its residents and tourism workers are known for their politeness with guests and professional qualities that are rooted in the very beginning of tourism, which date back in 1880. year when the original form of tourism ... [read more about island Losinj]

Island Unije

The island of Unije is a 3rd largest island of the archipelago, and only settlement on the island bears the same name. It is a typical fishing and farming village which contains 280 houses with less than 85 residents. In the summer time grows to not much more than 400 and... [read more about island Unije]
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